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Written by amanda mckenzie


Posted on April 15 2021

Start as soon as possible, even if your anti-aging regimen is as simple as a cleanser and sunscreen.

A super gentle cleanser that will not strip your skin of natural oils and leave your skin dryer than before. Once you have cleansed it is time for the Clay Mask. 

Then comes the Turmeric and Vitamin C Clay Mask which is packed with Anti-Ageing properties. A simple 10 min 3 times a week is plenty enough to get the effects of the clean and natural ingredients in the clay mask. Gentle enough for super sensitive skin. It will hydrate whilst adding plumpness to your face.

Eliminating redness, blemishes and dark spots, the turmeric,  hemp seed, Kakadu plum and green tea are all superfood ingredients that will help turn back time and have you looking radiant.  

The new kid on the block in terms of beauty and skin care is Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is derived from the prickly pear cactus and is one of the most remarkable ingredients in the beauty world. Gaining attention in the Skin Care world as a super anti-ageing ingredient.

We are proud to add it to our clean beauty line. This magical hydrating serum is of exceptionally high quality and formulated with turmeric and other plant based ingredients that all have anti-ageing properties it will leave skin smooth, and a glow that looks lit from within.

The Anti-Ageing Miracle Hydrating Serum can be can be used daily, even twice a day morning and night. It is so so so good you will want to drink it !!!

Don't forget since the sun is the biggest culprit in ageing, the best anti-ageing treatment is living a healthy lifestyle and using sunscreen everyday ! 



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