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Deep in the outback is the wonder fruit Kakadu Plum

Written by amanda mckenzie


Posted on March 23 2021

Kakadu Plum grows on a potent Australian native tree, which grows in the Northern Territory.

Australia’s native bush superfood containing the highest source of vitamin C in the world. So its no wonder we added it to our Turmeric & Vitamin C Clay Mask.

This Aussie botanical is used in skin care and is the “buzz word" of the beauty industry, a must for anyone searching brighter, younger skin. The vitamin C content is one of the top anti-ageing ingredients you can apply on your skin.

Key Benefits in using Kakadu Plum on your skin are

  • Vitamin C - essential for slowing down the ageing process
  • Wound Healing - Kakadu Plum can cure many skin disorders
  • Excellent source of Vitamin E
  • Soothes irritation
  • Restores the skins natural barrier
  • Balancing your complexion
  • Collagen boosting
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

I have an incredible love for this superfood. Loving all the benefits and the super glow that Kakadu plum leaves



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